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Літературні тексти англійських дитячих пісень, вірші

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Пісня 1. What is your пате?

What is your name? (2 t.)

Now tell me, please,

What is your name?


My name is Janet (3 t.)

That’s my name.


Where do you live? (2 t.)

Now tell me, please,

Where do you live?


I live in London. (3 t.)

That’s where I live.


How old are you? (2 t.)

Now tell me, please,

How old are you?

Refrain I am 5. (3 t.)

That’s my age.


Пісня 2. Good morning!  1 (намотив «Happy birthday!»)

Good morning to you. (2 t.)

Good morning. (3 t.)

To you.

Пісня 3. Good morning! 2

Good morning. (2 t.)

And how do you do?

Good morning. (2 t.)

I’m fine, how are you?


Пісня 4. What is your address?

My name is...

This is my address

Pushkin street, flat № 5

Kyiv, the Ukraine.


Пісня 5. Good-bye, Children! Good-bye, children, (3 t.)

We are all going home!

Merrily we walk along,

Walk along, walk along,

Merrily we walk along,

Singing a fine song!


Пісня 6. The ABC




QRSTUVW (2 t.)


Oh, well you see

Now I know the ABC.




Вірш. Here is my family

Here is my mother,

Here is my father,

Here is my sister,

Here is my brother.

Father, mother, sister, brother.

Hand in hand with one another.


Вірш. Good night

Good night, mother,

Good night, father,

Kiss your little son,

Good night, sister,

Good night, brother,

Good night, everyone.


Вірш. I am a girl (boy)

I am a girl (boy)

A little one,

I like to play,

I like to run.


Пісня 7. How is your mother?

How is your mother (sister)?

She’s fine, thanks.

How is your father (brother)?

He’s fine, thanks!


Пісня 8. Days of the Week

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,


Thursday, Friday, Saturday.




Пісня 9.Isee

I see green, I see yellow,

I see that funny fellow I see red, I see blue,

I see you, and you and you,

I see pink, I see brown,

I stand up and I sit down I see white, I see black.

I see this and that and that.


Пісня 10. The Zoo Song

1. Come along,

(the sparrowbird). (3 t.)

Come along, the sparrow-bird,

And hop and hop like me.


2. Come along, (the elephant), (3 t.)

Come along, the elephant

And walk and walk like me.


3. Come along, (the kangaroo), (3 t.)

Come along the kangaroo,

And jump and jump like me.


4. Come along

(the golden fish), (3 t.)

Come along the golden fish And swim and swim like me.

Вірш. The Elephant

I am big and I am strong,

And my trunk is very long!


Вірш. Little Bird

Fly, little bird, fly,

Fly into the blue sky,

One, two, three,

You are free.


Пісня 11. My Cat Pit

I have a cat,

Her name is Pit,

And by the fire,

She likes to sit.

Each day I bring her

A dish of milk,

And smooth her coat

That shines like silk.

And on my knee

She likes to sit,

For Pit loves me

And I love Pit.


Вірш. Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear, (2 t.)

Look around,

Teddy Bear, (2 t.)

Touch the ground,

Teddy Bear, (2 t.)

Switch off the light,

Teddy Bear, (2 t.)

Say: «Good night!»




Вірш. Our table

These are our knives and forks

These are our tables

These are saucers, cups, spoons, plates,

These are our napkins.

* * *

I love coffee I love tea

I want Mary (Jane, Pete...)

To come in with me.

* * *

I like coffee, I like tea

I like the boys and the

boys like me.

Yes, no, maybe so...

* * *

Ice cream, soda, lemonade, tart

Tell me the name of your sweetheart.

А, В, C, D, E...

(to the letter on which the sweetheart’s name begins).

* * *

Bread and butter

Sugar and spice

How many boys

Think I’m nice?

One, two, three.

(continue counting).


Вірш. At the New Year Day Party

New Year Day, happy day,

We are all glad and very gay!

We all dance, and sing, and say,

Welcome! (2 t.) New Year Day.


Пісня 12. We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas (3 t.)

And a Happy New Year.

R. Let’s all do a little clapping (3 t.)

And spread Christmas cheer.




Вірш. My little doll

My little doll

is very small.

I love my pretty

little doll.


Пісня 13. About my toys

One and two, and three, and four

I am sitting on floor;

I am playing with a ball

(a frog, a car, a box, a hare)

And a pretty little doll (dog, star, fox, bear)

One and two and three, and four

We are sitting on the floor;

We are sitting, girls ang boys,

We are playing with the toys.




Пісня 14. This is the way

1.This is the/way (we wash our faces) (3 t.)

This is the v/ay (we wash our faces).

Every day in the morning.

2.... we wash our hands

(ears, eyes, cheeks...)

3.... we comb our hair

4.... we make our bed

5.... we brush our teeth

6.... eat our bread

7.... we drink our milk

8.... we take our bag

9.... we go to school

10.... we meet our friends


Пісня 15.1 am free

1.1 am free and (I don’t care (3 t.)) (2 t.)

and I go away

2. Right hand up... (3 t.)

3. Left hand up...

4. Right leg before...

5. Left leg before...



Пісня 16. Head and shoulders

Head and shoulders

Knees and toes (2 t.)

Eyes and ears

and mouth and nose

Head and shoulder,

Knees and toes. (2 t.)


Вірш. Ten little fingers

Ten little toes,

two little ears,

one little nose,

two little eyes

that shine so bright,

one little mouth,

to kiss mother:

«Good night».


Вірш. Head and shouldersf baby

1.Head and shoulders, baby

1 2 3

Head and shoulders (3 t.), baby


2. Knees and ankles, baby...

3. Turn around, baby       

4. Touch the ground, baby...


Пісня 17. If you’re happy

If you’re happy and you know it

1. clap your hands

If you are happy and you know it,

then your face will surely show it.

If you are happy and you know it,

clap your hands (clap, clap).

2.... stamp your feet (stamp, stamp)...

3.... shout hurray (Hurray!)...

4.... do all three (clap, clap, stamp, stamp, hurray)!


Пісня 18. All the Pretty Little Horses

Hush-a-bye, don’t you cry.

Go to sleepy little baby,

When you wake, you shall have

all the pretty little horses.

Blacks and bays, dapples and grays,

coach and six-a-little horses.

Hush-a-bye, don’t you cry. Go to sleepy

little baby.




Пісня 19. Where is Thumbkin? (намотив «Walking»)

Where is Thumbkin? (2 t.)

Here I am! (2 t.)

How are you today, sir?

Very well, I thank you!

Run away.


Вірш. I see

I see window,

I see door.

I see ceiling.

I see floor.


Вірш. There is a house in the town

There is a house in the (town) (3 t.))

There is a sitting-room in the (house (3 t.))

There is a kitchen in the (house (3 t.))

There is a bedroom in the (house (3 t.))


There is a table (3 t.), a chair (3 t.)

an armchair (3 t.), a sofa (3 t.),

a bed (3 t.), and a TVset (3 t.)

in the room (3 t.).


Вірш. My house

Fine strong walls,

1,2, 3, 4,

Windows bright,

a painted door,

carpets, curtains,

cushions gay,

beds and chairs,

We use each day

all these things

as you can see

Make cosy homes

For you and me.



Little mouse (2 t.)

Where is your house?

Little cat (2 t.)

Here is my house.




Вірш. Seasons

Spring is green,

Summer is bright,

Autumn is yellow,

Winter is white.


Гра. In the wood

1. Trees in the forest

stood, stood, stood.

(Діти стають у коло.)

2. Along came a man

For wood (3 t.)

(За колом іде дитина-«лісник».)

3. He picket up his axe,

Chop (3 t.)

(Дитина «рубає» дерева.)


4. Down fell the trees,

Drop; drop; drop.

(Діти-«дерева» присідають no одному.)


Вірш. My Raincoat

I have a raincoat,

Fine and slick,

That makes the water,

Slide off guick.


Вірш. Shoes

I have galoshes for rainy days,

And sandals for the sun,


Shoes for playing out of doors,

And party shoes for fun.

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